Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm still alive!!

Just crazy busy. I'm still working on my sweater. I have actually made some progress on it. However, I've set it aside to knit hats for my kids and a scarf for a friend.

I was living under the misguided delusion that my youngest being in school would give me a little more free time - joke's on me!! Nayomi is only in pre-k, but insists that she has homework every night, just like her "Bubba". And I must help her with it; and check it. If she weren't so darn cute, it'd be annoying.

As for me, I've decided that I want to go back to law school. I'm taking the LSAT in December and applying for Fall 2009 entry to NCCU. Pray for me. This will be a major adjustment - I've been out of school since I was (gasp) 22!!!!

My hubby is doing his thing too. He's taken up cycling and rode in the Tour to Tanglewood (it was over 60 miles!!!) I'm so proud of him!!! However, he's getting kinda buff, and I'm gonna have to step up my game..LOL!!!! He'll probably never have expected this, but I gotta brag. My man was almost famous many moons ago. He was in Janet's "Black Cat" video. I loved that song back in the day and I'm posting the video. He's at 2:08, if you're interested: