Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Knitting Resolutions

John's scarf1
John's scarf1,
originally uploaded by queendbw2000.
First, let me state that I'm new at this and generally a private person, so have patience with me.

I have been knitting for about 3.5 years now, but I have decided that I will start knitting seriously this year :D On a positive note, I completed my first project of the year on Sunday. It's a scarf for my hubby....made with one of my favorite yarns, Noro Transitions. I love the pattern. It was complicated enough to keep me interested, but not scare me off from finishing.

As for my resolutions, here they are....

This year I will:
1. Always have a project in progress.
2. Finish most of my projects.
3 Make a garment (sweater) for myself.
4. Learn some new techniques (I'm interested in learning to knit socks and cables)
5. I want to try to design my own creation.

Thanks if you've made it this far and wish me luck!!!



Rachael said...

Awesome job on the scarf Des. Best of luck keeping your resolutions.
=) Rach

Melissa said...

I love the scarf, you did and awesome job, and it looks really cozy!! Good luck sticking to your resolutions! I can't wait to see how the next projects come out! Maybe you can learn to make me some doggy clothes... haha =)


Steph said...

Good luck Des!!

Virtuous said...


I am so excited for you!

Great knitting resolutions for 2008!

You so can do it! Can't wait to see you again later on this month! :o)