Wednesday, February 27, 2008

She loves it!!!

I managed to add Nayomi's "fluffies" back to her bag; and when I showed it to her this morning, she LOVED it!!! She is so proud of her "Dora bag" that she wants to sleep with it...LOL!!! As promised, here are the pix:

My next project will be something baby!!! My co-worker finds out Friday if she's having a boy or a girl (my vote, boy) and as soon as she picks colors, I'm getting started.


Jayme said...

so cute -- my girls LOVE it, they saw pictures earlier, but i couldn't was nuts around here. it's great!! good work, Des!

Virtuous said...

Look at her stylin' and profilin'!!! :oD

Cute cute!

Ooh I love baby knits!!

Have a great weekend!