Monday, February 18, 2008

A tribute to Nayo

I know that I haven't written anything in a minute, but my life has been in a tailspin. My mother-in-law passed away January 20th after a long battle with cancer. Needless to say my whole family is heart-broken. Even though she'd been sick a long time, it was still a blow. And I don't think we've found our new "normal" yet.

I have picked up my needles again, though. I planned to make my daughter a felted bag to keep her V-smile in. It was supposed to be finished in time for her birthday (Feb. 9th), but I just couldn't get it together enough to do it. I have started on it, and hopefully I'll finish it in about a week. I'll post some pix of the WIP too.

Thanks for bearing with me. I'm still blogging [thanks, Stacey :)]!!!


Virtuous said...

Gurl you have been and my thoughts and your family in my prayers!

I am sure you all will find your new normal soon...give it time

Many blessings to you!

Virtuous said...

Love your new look around these parts!!

Amy said...

Page looks great Des!!!

Hugs to you and yours!!

Love ya

Simone said...

love the changes you made to the page

you guys are still in my prayers

can't wait to see your next creation