Sunday, June 8, 2008

Help Save A Show

Not sure how many of you watch(ed) Knitty Gritty with Vickie Howell. Well, I say watched because DIY network is no longer producing new episodes and has all but said the show is cancelled. I LOVE this show. Even though there are often items that I could NEVER see myself making; I always picked up some tips, learned new techniques and learned about different designers.

An online acquaintence has started a petition to convince DIY to produce more episodes of the show. Please sign here




Virtuous said...

You know I have never seen this show (no cable!), but I would defnitely want it to stay on!

Hope all is well with you!

Vickie Howell said...

Thanks for posting about this--I appreciate the support! :) xo, VH

P.S. The one hour special, Knitty Gritty Knitsters, airs on July 3rd.

Debora said...

Girl, I got an email a few weeks ago and I signed it then!! I really do love this show! I have recorded several shows and watched them back to learn different techniques!

I hope the show is saved.

Nik said...

Girl, Vickie Howell HERSELF has commented on your blog.

You should bronze it.

Janet Richards said...

I'm so sad to hear this! I will have to log a comment. My husband cringed when I would watch the show, as knitting has taken so much of my free time and space that he was dismayed to see it creep into my TV time too! So I had to watch it on the sly - but I liked it too! I thought it was a great way to introduce non-knitters to knitting.

life as I know said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

I love this show. Sad.