Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My visitor...

I planned to finish the neckwarmer last night, but I got a visit from Madame Migraine. Sadly, we go waaaaay back. Thankfully, she doesn't visit nearly as often as she used to do.

So, I'll be finishing up tonite, while I watch Idol :D

This project will be another first for me...I've never blocked anything before. All of the larger bags I made were felted, so no blocking required. Thankfully, I have the internet (namely, Ravelry.com) at my disposal.

I'll share the final result tomorrow....


1 comment:

Virtuous said...

Glad Ms. Migraine packed her bags and went home! ;op

Gurl that scarf is really easy to block.

Just spray it down with water, pin it down on the carpet or ironing board and it will be dry by morning!

Viola! :op