Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring Cleaning my most favorite chore of all (NOT!!) Nevertheless, it must be done. I went through the kids clothes, toys and closets. We'll be making a drop at the Goodwill shortly. Best of all, though, I found a box of yarn (doesn't that sound pathetic) in my closet. Now to explain, we've been in NC for almost two years, but I still had about four boxes in my closet that I'd never unpacked. Three of them were full of books and the last was full of crafting stuff!! YAY ME!!! Now I get to catalog and assign projects for each (cause you KNOW I don't remember what I bought them for...LOL).

We were going to do some yardwork today too. But hubby had a meeting this am and barely beat the rain...maybe tomorrow.
I'm SO glad we're finally letting go of winter!!!!!


Virtuous said...

Can you come over and do that spring cleaning for me too! ;op

I can' believe it has only been 2 years you have been in NC!

QueenDBW said...

I know!! It seems like so much longer sometimes, but the end of August will make 2 years.

I DO miss ATL, though....


Tonie said...

I'll trade you steam cleaning for the boxes anytime :)