Sunday, March 9, 2008

Quick and Sweet

I started my next project last night. It's actually one of Virtous' faves...the Cashmere neckwarmer. I'm making mine for a friend. It's light green and I'm using Iceland by Crystal Palace (the color is called Seafoam). It's moving very quickly. I'm a little over half done and I've been babysitting. In addition to my two, I've got two of my nieces over. I love them dearly, but it reaffirms that I don't want anymore kids!! ;D

Here are some pix of my work in progress....

On another note, I've introduced the hubby to the joys of fiber. I was explaining to him that since I've started knitting, I've discovered how tactile I am. We were talking about my next projects (yes, plural) last night and he was wondering why I was so excited about certain yarns. So we did a mini fiber lab. I let him feel about four different grades of yarn from my stash. He got it!!!!! His fave was the Noro (my man's got good taste!!!). I also started planting seeds for my stash...... Maybe I'll have some cashmere down the line!! :D

Hopefully, I'll finish the neckwarmer today and block it. My next project will be my co-worker's baby soon as I decide what that will be.

Till next time,


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Virtuous said...

Gurl I know u are done with that neckwarmer by now! They go fast! Looks like you had a busy Sunday! ;op

And WOW! A man who was interested and got into your fiber trance! Yah!
But LUV him even more for LUVIN Noro!! ;op